November Hitting Academy HitTrax with Alex

November Hitting Academy HitTrax with Alex



November Hitting Academy HitTrax with coach Alex Santiago

Mondays 6-7pm (Starting in November)

(4 players maximum per clinic)

Cost: $125.00 (4 Weeks)

The latest technological innovation to improve player training is the HitTrax Data Capture & Simulation System. HitTrax is the first-of-its-kind training aid that delivers real-time performance metrics that are used to assess a player's skills and monitor their progress over time.

HitTrax measures ball movement data upon impact with the bat and, in real time, provides immediate feedback by displaying the flight of the ball in a simulated stadium environment. 

Includes the following:

  • Hit Trax account registration - creation of unique user name and password so you can log in to hit trax and login everytime you come and hit on the cage. Follow progress on site or online in HitTrax website.
  • Initial Baseline Hitting Assessment Report (BAR Report) - An efficient and comprehensive way to asses the current level of the player. Evaluating key metrics, this option is used to help identify Strengths and Weaknesses to formulate a game plan in future lessons, with or without HitTrax. 
  • Hitting drills to improve bat speed, lunch angle and power.
  • After Drills Baseline Hitting Assessment Report (BAR Report). - to compare with initial Baseline report after hitting drills.
  • Quality Hitting Game - Is an exciting, competitive game that assess a player's ability to make quality hits. Four metrics are used to calculate a score for each hit; exit velocity, launch angle, distance, and the calculated result. Simple the better you hit the higher the score.

Product Options: Baseball or Softball: Baseball, Softball | Bats (R/L/Both): Right, Left, Both

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